Olibanum sacra insence (25 gram)

€ 5,00
Gross weight: 0,03 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h): 5 x 5 x 1 cm

Olibanum sacra resin (white) is the highest quality original insence available.

Also known as real insence. Frankincense. Used in rituals all over the world. Slightly addictive.

Use: Placed on glowing charcoal

Origin: Somalia

The use of this plant is described in various books and on the internet. It is not allowed by Dutch law to describe it's medical aplications and sell the plant at the same time. It is also now allowed to describe or refer to scientific publications that describe the medical use of this plant product. We advise you to find this information by yourself.

Deze Olibanum sacra hars (wit) is de hoogste kwaliteit olibanum wierook die er is. 

Olibanum sacra is ook wel bekend als echte wierook of frankincense. Deze wierook wordt in tal van rituelen gebruikt. Van de islam tot in de katholieke kerk. Iets verslavende werking, vandaar ook dat olibanum vollop wordt gebruikt in de katholike kerk.

Gebruik: de hars wordt op gloeiend houtskool gelegd zodat de geur en de stoffen vrij kunnen komen.  

Herkomst: Somalie